Early Diagnosis, Better Cure is what amulya labs profess.

Detection of cancer is now a public health problem in India. Reliability on insurance companies is low, cost of treatment are prohibitive and so the general public believe in ‘’wishing cancer away’’. We at Amulyalabs also wish the very best for all, those healthy and those not so healthy. Our brave friends who have looked at cancer through their bodies know how wise it is to be aware and screen for it. So the foremost challange is to motivate everyone to screen themselves. Sadly we cannot screen for all cancers but screening protocols for cancer cervix and breast cancer exist and should be adhered to. For lung cancer too, a low dose CT scans has been advised for high risk patients who smoke or have been smoking for the last 15 yrs.

A blood test to look for tumor cells (liquid biopsy) in the blood is being researched but not yet standardised and validated. Further research needs to be done to use it for screening and the test is cost prohibitive. As of now it might give you a false assurance. As of today we do not know when these cells are shed; most cancers might do so intermittently.

The best option is to get health checks done atleast annually and be alert for changes in your body. Any lesion in any organ should be further investigated to its true nature by a biopsy. A fair number of these might be an OPD procedure where only a few cells are aspirated through a fine needle under radiological guidance and examined by a pathologist. It is best that a pathologist be present or himself/ herself carry out this procedure so that one can be sure of the representative nature of the aspirate and good quality smears are prepared.

The most difficult cancers to detect are of the internal organs which may grow silently.

Any symptoms of obstruction of swallowing, obstruction to urination, obstruction to breathing (difficult breathing), undue bleeding, non healing infections, please get seek a doctors help and he will surely get cancer ruled out.