Standards of Testing in a Clinical Lab

Efficient testing on any eqpt requires scheduled running of controls, standards and calibration. Once these are in order only then should one run tests on it. Or else how would you know the report is correct? And procuring these controls standards and calibrators have a cost, from 6000 ( with a shelf life of 2 weeks after opening) for a simple haematology counter for a simple test like CBC to much more for others! Is your lab round the corner or in an outhouse of a nursing home doing it? Be safe & sure before you decide as your life depends on that blood sample you give! I do not even recommend home collection in large numbers as this is bound to compromise the sample. It’s best to walk down to your lab, talk to the pathologist and give your sample. He/she might even be able to talk to your doc to know what’s in his mind about you! Of course reports can be emailed for convenience.